Alcantara Gorges


15 February 2019

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Alcantara Gorges

Alcantara GorgesUnique in the Italian and European natural landscape, the Alcantara Gorges are one of the must-see attractions of Sicily. Located about 20 km from Taormina, the gorges are real canyons made of black lava walls up to 50 meters high, in the typical shape of a prism that the rocks have taken during the cooling process.

Within the grooves, the toning and crystal clear waters of the river Alcantara run surrounded by an unspoiled landscape, with rare flora and fauna.

The purity of the natural habitat has been facilitated by its hidden position, which has preserved its existence; until the fifties, in fact, this site was completely unknown.

The Alcantara Gorges have by now become a famous attraction even beyond national borders, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and natural sites in Italy.

The waters of the river Alcantara, through the action of thousand years of erosion, would then have completed this work of natural art, digging the clay mass, thus giving birth to the spectacular canyons of the Gorges of Alcantara.