Chiesa del Varò


28 February 2019

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Chiesa del Varò

The church of the Varò dates back to the fifteenth century but a crypt inside the Church, typical of the period when Christians were forced not to profess their faith, suggests that it has more ancient origins.

The Congregation of the Varò (Spanish word for “Visitation”), in the distant past, was very famous and could only be part of the nobles. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Congregation no longer gave signs of life and the church was left in abandonment, so much so that it remained closed to worship. At the end of the following century, hoChiesa del Varòwever, the church was restored and the Congregation – also called dell’Addolorata, in honor of the statue that was found inside, resumed life. Today the Congregation is very active and has more than eight hundred sisters.

Externally, the architectural elements of the greatest value of the building are the stone portal of Taormina and the small bell tower.

The interior of the Church, however, is a single nave and houses the papier-mâché statue of the Madonna dell’Addolorata; behind the Altar Maggiore, the fresco representing the triumph of the Cross stands out.