08 July 2019

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Palazzo di Santo Stefano

The Palazzo di Santo Stefano is situated right next to the gate Porta Catania, on the Via De Spuches. Built between the late 1200s and the early 1300s, the palace was part of the medieval walls of Taormina. The Palazzo di Santo Stefano is a masterpiece of Sicilian Romaneque and Gotic style, fitted with Arabic-Norman elements.

The building has a beautiful garden in front of its main facades, where there is still a well for the collection of rain-water which was the water supply for the whole palace.

The Palazzo di Santo Stefano  in 1964, the Municipality of Taormina bought the building from Vincenzo De Spuches, a young descendant of the noble family who lived in Palermo.

Today the palace is home to a foundation dedicated to the artist Giuseppe Mazzullo, born February 15, 1913 in Graniti and died in Taormina in 1988. During the summer, important cultural events are held in the garden. A beautiful garden spreads over steep terrain in front of east and north facades. It’s a must-visit place, if you come to Taormina, Sicily.