Corso Umberto


09 August 2018

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The main street of Taormina is dedicated to Umberto I of Savoy, king of Italy from 1878 to 1900. The Corso Umberto Iwas part of the ancient Via Valeria which, crossing the city before falling down towards the sea, was connecting Messina to Catania.

Bordered to the north by Porta Messina and to the south from Porta Catania, the Corso shows facilities and buildings belonging to styles from different eras, from the Arabic to the Norman, from the Gothic to the Baroque.

The Greek-Roman monuments have been replaced by new constructions, so the temple of Jupiter Serapis has been replaced by the Church of San Pancrazio and on the remains of the Odeon was built the Church of St. Catherine.

The presence of palaces and churches along the Corso and its surroundings have transformed the ancient Via Valeria in today’s historical center, animated by shops and cafes that every day welcome visitors from all over the world.

Corso Umberto